It’s the special day that young women dream about their entire life and young men eagerly wait to start their life with the woman of their dreams. Unfortunately, this year, with COVID-19, many weddings have had to be cancelled and wedding day celebrations put on hold.

For one NJ couple, who were to be wed on May 16, 2020 they decided to turn their major disappointment into a focus on others. Sebastian Cina Jr. and Jaclyn Hockenjos knew that the way to deal with sadness was to take the focus off of them and help others. They knew of the great work Fullfill NJ does in helping to feed people and have decided to raise money and collect donations to feed citizens of Monmouth County.  They have started a campaign:  #WithThisRingYoullBeFed, and are presently 40% of their $10,000 goal. On May 16th (which would have been their wedding day), they are hosting a drive-by with family and friends to collect food donations and celebrate in a way they could have never imagined.

If you or someone you know had to postpone a wedding, this NJ couple encourages you to host your own #WithThisRingYoullBeFed campaign. 

The Good Deed Bead (the_gdb) is touched by selfless acts of kindness and this story is one we had to share.  It's people like Sebby and Jaclyn who inspire us to bring kindness into the world each and every day. For a company that stands for kind acts, we thank this couple and hope to see more and more people turn their original wedding dates into something good! 

Sebby and Jaclyn... DAMN YOU KIND 

Check out their website: withthisringyoullbefed.com or text "VOWS" TO 313131 for more information.

Check out our interview with the couple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0gYXLmhex8&feature=youtu.be

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